Garden & Nursery

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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

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our Garden & Nursery


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There are a million different things that can be done with a patch of ground, but make that patch of ground a hill, add some rocks, lots of rocks, and some towering pine trees and soon the options begin to dwindle.  Oh, and don’t forget a short growing season in a canyon with the possibility of night temps dropping to 40 degrees in the summer!  We took on growing a garden over other things because we longed for real, ripe-picked food.  The challenges of growing a garden here have turned into opportunities to learn new methods and seek plants that grow better here than anywhere else.

In 2016, We decided to test out our gardening abilities beyond just growing for ourselves.   We grew and sold some garden starts at the beginning of the season and opened up a farmstand on the weekends.  Microgreens were added to the products along with cakes, pies and anything else we could think of.  At the end of the year, we celebrated the apple harvest with a cider pressing event.  The first year was fun but made us realize how much more work was needed in order to continue on.

Over the next couple of years, we took our products to local markets and sold direct to customers and wholesale.  It was a good start but the need to set up on the property was quickly becoming a necessity.  So, we made the decision to stay home and build on what we have.  The nursery will continue to develop with more garden starts, propagated trees and plants from the existing homestead orchard, and additional purchased heritage varieties on full-size rootstock.  We will be expanding the Orchard into every space suitable to sustain us, our local community, and for the wildlife, too.   We are excited at the unique varieties we will be able to offer in the years to come!


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what we grow

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You can be sure that whatever is produced on our gardens is full of nutrition with zero added chemicals.  Our seeds are sourced from amazing seed companies like:  Adaptive Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsHigh Mowing Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, Territorial Seed Company, and, even some of our own.  We try to keep it simple by growing only cold-hardy varieties of vegetables and herbs, but occasionally push the limits in small micro-climate areas or in a hoop house.  Some of our favorites include: Moskvich Tomato, Galina Cherry Tomato, Red Express Cabbage, Suyo Long Cucumber, Thai Chilis, Spring Onions, Buttercrunch and Romaine Lettuces, and Microgreens.

We started growing Microgreens in 2016 because we were craving fresh greens every winter and really needed to find a year round source of highly nutritious food.  Microgreens provide so many vitamins and minerals that we noticed results right away with improved energy and stronger immunity.  Now, we offer micro greens grown to order and in our Farm Store during the summer.  Some varieties we offer are: Pea and Sunflower Shoots, Arugula, Purple Radish, Mustards, Kales, Beets, and more.  It’s great to mix them together for unique flavors that pair well with so many foods.  This Season, we are starting a local delivery service for our Microgreens and other Farm Store products.  Please, contact us if you’d like to be on our delivery list.  or Shop here!

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