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Blueberry Plants


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We started planting the Duke Blueberry in the orchard in 2o16.  They have experienced all that Idaho’s weather can throw at them and have come thru strong!   They are a northern High bush, growing to around 4-6  feet, depending on light exposure and irrigation .  They have just the right amount of sweet-tart flavor that makes them, in our opinion, the best blueberry to have in the garden.   We have other varieties growing as well and are working on offering them to the public.   These are some that will be available in the future:  BlueCrop,  Brigatta, Chandler, Elliot,  Northblue, NorthCountry, & Toro   For Planting and Growing tips go to:


small – 6-10" tall, 1 gal 12-14" tall, Mature Plant – Bare Root

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