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to our Heritage Orchard in the Heart of Idaho

You can find us nestled in the lower mountain range just southeast of the amazing Seven Devils Summits.  We are close to many of Idaho’s famous sites; the Salmon River of No Return, Payette Lake and Hell’s Canyon.  Our orchard has conformed to the winding canyon shaped by the Little Salmon River.  It’s a place to experience a slower pace of life among the shade of the fruit trees and peaceful forest.  

What's the big deal about Heirloom Apples?

Heirloom apples are varieties of apples with historic origins and are rare to find in today’s supermarkets.  Many of the modern apple varieties are grown for storage and appearance capabilities more than for flavor.  A heritage orchard is a living museum where you can touch and taste.  Many of our trees are unique to our Orchard alone,  with flavors that are beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.  For a simple fruit to provide that, is amazing!   

If you’d like to learn more about us and what we offer then be sure to check out the options below.  Your support will help us provide sustainability for our orchard and strengthen our local community.

Every Fall, we host a Community Cider Project Event where locals gather up apples and come together for a fun experience of pressing apple into fresh cider.

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