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Bedding Plants, Native Shrubs, Heirloom Fruit Trees, & berries

We are located at an elevation of 3,400 ft. with a unique micro-climate in the canyon, so growing here isn't short on challenges! Our focus is on producing and supplying cold-hardy trees and plants that are suited to our northern climate. Each season, we offer a limited stock to the public at our Farm Store Nursery, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

We continue to add to our stock of heirloom apple varieties, from nurseries that have a similar growing climate to ours. St. Lawrence Nursery in Potsdam, NY. is one, and we highly recommend them.

Help keep these tried and true named varieties alive by planting them in your home orchard!

Berry Plants

It’s not uncommon to find all kinds of berries growing wild along the creeks and rivers in central Idaho.  The Blackcap Raspberry is one plant that has naturalized itself in our area.  We are working to grow this and a variety of other cold hardy berries in our nursery, including Blueberries, Red Raspberries, Gooseberries, and Strawberries.

Fruit Trees

The variety names of the original fruit trees here are unknown.  It takes time and money to get each one tested.  Hopefully, we will be able to do so in the future.  Thanks to the bears and other animals, there are some wild tree creations scattered around the property and not always in a convenient location!  These trees are unique in flavor and equally delicious!  

It is our goal to expand our orchard with the best of the old and wild varieties that grow here.  Each year, we are collecting scionwood from our favorite fruit trees to graft onto rootstocks .  We have chosen the OHXF97 Pear and Antonovka Apple rootstocks.  Both of these rootstocks will grow a standard sized tree that can grow beyond 25 feet if not pruned.  One amazing feature of these rootstocks is that they can survive easily in our northern climate and  last for a century or more.

We offer seasonal fruits & vegetables, too!

Fresh blueberries starting July-Aug

and apples Aug-Oct.

We offer a small variety of vegetables and herbs, as well.   All grown without herbicides or pesticides!


Microgreens have a denser nutritional value than when they are full grown plants.  They are packed with vitamins and minerals such as, A, B, C, E, and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.  It just takes a little sprinkled on your sandwiches,  pastas, and soups to add a boost of nutrition to your day.

We grow a variety of microgreens and shoots that are available at our Farm Store.  and at the New Meadows Community Farmers Market Jul-Oct. 

Some of the microgreens we grow

*grown with organic seeds and potting soil

Pea Shoots

A sweet green that bursts with pea flavor.  The best substitute for lettuce in salads and sandwiches

Sunflower Shoots

A crunchy shoot that  adds a nutty flavor to any dish.  Tastes good by itself as a snack.


A spicy radish flavor that tastes great on stir-fries and livens up burgers.

In 2020, we were fortunate to have a visit from a member of the The Lost Apple Project and one particular early apple tree caught his attention.  After further research, it was discovered that this tree is most likely an heirloom variety known as Starks Earliest, developed in Idaho during the 1930's..  We appreciate all the work this group is doing!

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