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School Group Tour ~ Apple Pressing


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This tour is for public, private, & homeschool groups wanting to create a fun and educational field trip.   This tour is open only during the early Fall (Sept-Oct).  Starting in September, the Apples tree branches are beginning to droop under the weight of the juicy apples.  Students will learn about the history of the orchard and about heirloom apples.  We will have an old-fashioned apple press for each person to have a go at creating delicious cider, which all can enjoy afterwards.    Be sure to reserve your date as soon as possible since the spaces are limited. The tour can take 1-2 hours depending on group size.  Maximum size of group is 20 people, including adults. We try to plan when the fruit is at its peak, but each season is unique in its own schedule.  Rain or Shine, come prepared.  Please, call with any questions.


Dates for Apple Harvest Tour

Sept 18th 9:30am, Sept. 25th 9:30am, Oct. 2nd 9:30am, Oct. 9th 9:30am

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