New Meadows, Idaho (208)628-3017


Working together to preserve a way of life

 If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about what we do here and gain invaluable experience, then we invite you to join us during our season with the caretaking of the orchard.

Some Volunteer opportunities include:

General upkeep:  weed control, fertilizing, mulching

Select Restoration Projects:  Creating and planting beds, landscaping, habitat renewal

Events:  Help with set-up and take down, involvement with the tour and other activities, sharing your talents or experience thru demonstration or a class.  

During the Spring, we try to get outside whenever there is a break in the weather, and in the summer, most of the jobs are done early in the day before noon or later in the early evening.  Some of the work is very challenging and unique to orcharding.  So, be prepared to get dirty and sore when some of those forgotten muscles get used! 

We are happy to arrange time with a small group of people or a one-on-one outing.  These activities are not geared towards younger children, but we hope that you bring them to one of our events happening during the season!

Volunteer Schedule


Pre-scheduled only.  Please, call to get signed up.  208-628-3017

or email:

 Unpredictable weather can affect the plans.  If this happens, we will send out updates but it’s good to confirm the schedule before arriving. 

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